Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nadine Keeps Her Promise

Nadine, our stroke survivor, said she was going to walk out of the rehab hospital on her own. And she did on the 68th day since her stroke.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Friday- Free Reflexology Stuff

Featured Freebies

New Widgets and Apps

New app for your Iphone or Android- Definition, research, forums and more

Large Interactive Charts for your Website, blog or Facebook page.


To have even better results with your clients give them "homework" to do. Self help can help bloost your results. Research has shown that frquency is very important for results in reflexology.
Reflexologist's eBook collection. Print out these ebooks to give your clients the homework they need. 

1. Free Iphone/ IPad/ ITouch Reflexology Chart App. Take your reflexology with you.This handy app goes on your IPhone, IPad and Itouch. 

2. Free Interactive Foot and Hand Charts

Done with a design team from Kunz&Kunz and DK these charts are wildly popular and a great teaching tool as well. 

3. Free Widgets

These interactive widgets are free to put on your web site, blog, Facebook page and other social networking sites. 

Foot reflexology widget

Hand Reflexology Widget 

Complete Reflexology for Life- Free Widget with contents of this blog

What Reflexology Research Shows. Free Widget with Reflexology Research Results. 

Yahoo Reflexology Community Forum- Free Reflexology Forum Widget with posts from the members

Nursing and Reflexology Research. Free Widget with Reflexology Research Performed with Nurses

Free Twitter Widget to Follow the Tweets on Kevin Kunz

6. Free Facebook Reflexology Forum- A causal forum on reflexology for anyone to join

Kevin's Facebook page that might as well be a forum. Lively, fast paced and a real treasure trove of information