Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hi, Kevin-

I hope all is well with you!  

You “cured” me of my nearly 3 year long bout with plantars fasciitis back in the late 90’s, after Ron had recommended me to you. And, it only took you 3 1-hour sessions to accomplish what no other doctors had accomplished for me during that time period. I remain eternally grateful for your help then.

I now have another favor to ask, and hopefully you can help - this one, unfortunately has do be accomplished from a distance.

A few months ago, I noticed a high pitched constant sound in my ears - tinnitus presumably.  I can’t recall the exact moment in time when I noticed this, but it could have been after a flight out west to go skiing.

Although getting ready to see an ENT group in the next week or so, have been doing some research on this.  I noticed that reflexology might help, and wondered if you had any suggestions for me 

Hi Tom

Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I appreciate your kind remarks. I have refined my approach to plantar fasciitis since I have seen you. I can even help ladies with their high heel wearing. It is an expanded version of what I used on you.

Traditionally the place to work is the base of the toes right under the fourth and fifth toe. I take my finger and kind of hook into the ridge along the base of the ties. You should feel a very painful spot(s). That is your target. If you can manage it work it several times a day. Our book, Complete Reflexology for Life, has an illustrated routine. 

Now there is another place on the fingers. I use the fourth finger to shut off mine. It is into the finger itself above the last joint before the body of the hand. Rub the last segment or better yet try a golf ball. ( I use a thing called RubZ. Available through Amazon. Better grip than a golf ball.)

Research is now implicating the vagus nerve in tinnitus. An easy way to work the vagus nerve is to roll a golf ball between the thumb and index finger in the webbing of the hand. I do that for  a lot for many things. The vagus nerve is called the fountain of youth. 

Kevin Kunz
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