Sunday, June 29, 2014


PI am putting information on how work with paralysis , stroke and Parkinson's up.This is my experience not based on scientific research. In other words my two cents.
Stay tuned!!!
First installment 
Okay!!! Start by focusing on the eye/ear area. A lot and then a lot more and then a whole lot more. You are applying pressure to the top of the metatarsal heads. It effects a lot more than the eyes and ears. It is highly innervated as it is part if the liftoff mechanism of the foot. It has to be talking to the other foot via the brain and spinal cord. This is not the only place to focus but it is critical in paralysis, stroke and Parkinson's . Critical!!! This video is the first time I worked on this man. And I got a crossover effect!!! Total transaction of the spine. It was dancing in response to applying pressure to the opposite foot.