Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Walking Reflexology: The world of Chinese reflexology socks, sandals, insoles and shoes

You could be providing your feet with reflexology work as you walk around — if you wore one of the many reflexology socks, sandals, insoles and shoes products as seen on Chinese Web giant Alibaba. 
Whatever your needs from leisure wear to sports to business to high heel wear, there is a reflexology product. Metatarsal shock absorber, pain relief, odor control, moisture wicking, anti-sweat needed? Products are available for you. Whatever health theory you seek from magnets to tourmaline to orthotics, there is a product. 
sabusinesses seeking to buy quantities of products. Yes, someone somewhere in the world is buying reflexology sandals, shoes, insoles and socks—in the 1000s.
Choose among sandals: Battery operated massage sandals, Tourmaline magnet massage slippers, natural stone sandals, or nubby sandals. Or there’s electronic TENS/EMS slippers.
Reflexology shoes have gone electric. Maybe you’ll want shoes with TENS units installed. Maybe it’s steel-toed reflexology boots you need. Or, how about battery powered booties, a gold lame fashion statement. Then there are space age looking clunky shoes where two inch soles hide the electric massage equipment. The shoes are Blue tooth enabled, offer a deep massage even when you’re walking and come with a long lasting battery.
The list of reflexology insoles for shoes is endless. There is an insole for every purpose and health goal. Training magnetic reflexology insoles, for example, offer: This soft insole will make your feet feel comfortable - anywhere you go. Helps to relieve your painful pressure points, absorb impact, and prevent pain and fatigue.”
• Interested in reflexology liquid gel insoles? Choose among cooling, acupressure, or sports purposed.

• How about memory foam reflexology insoles? Cork? Latex foam?

• Or maybe your needs run to anti-odor, anti-sweat, or deodorant? There’s an insole for each of these goals. 

• Magnetic insoles are available as well as those specially for wear with high heels.
• Metatarsal shock absorption needed? Choose from general wear or sports wear.

• Orthotic reflexology insoles for sports needed? No problem.

• Why not fill two purposes with one insole? Multi purpose soles are available: Metatarsal shock absorption with magnets, Or there are moisture absorption with magnets.

You’ll find a large array of reflexology socks:
  • reflexology socks with five toes, reflexology socks with no toes, 
  • dress socks, sports socks, flight socks
  • electric socks for electro muscle stimulation 
  • heated socks, cooling socks, moisturizing socks, infrared socks
  • conductive fiber TENS/EMS electrode socks for physical therapy
  • compression medical socks

See More
To see more about reflexology products, go to https://www.alibaba.com. In the “Product” box, type “Reflexology.”