Tuesday, September 5, 2023

70 countries heard from on Facebook as of this morning.

 Dear Friends of Reflexology

We have reach 70 countries as of this morning. We had no idea how widespread reflexology, it is indeed heartwarming. 

A piece of good news about the progress on Phase 3 of the functional MRI study we are doing at the School of Medicine, University of Minnesota. We are doing the clinical part of the study with stroke patients. 

We now have lined up three volunteer participants. And we have a fourth volunteer from here in Albuquerque willing to come to UMN to be part of the study. Hopefully we will be able to clear the necessary paperwork to have him become a part of this. 

The scanning time is being booked. Plane tickets have been purchased. On September 25 we plan to start scanning. Just like phase 1 reflexology techniques will be applied as the scanning is taking place. 

Thank you to all those who have donated to this study. We have enough to do a preliminary analysis of the proof of concept of this study. The end product of this is hopefully validating the field we love. 

If you haven’t donated please consider doing so to help make further progress in validating reflexology and getting credibility it deserves. 

Onward and upward!!! Please share this with all your friends. We have a bright future ahead!

All the best 

Barbara and Kevin

Neural Pathways of Applied Reflexology https://www.unmfund.org/fund/npar-fund/

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Gravity Therapy

“Medical studies on astronauts show that gravity-challenging, all-day movement is more essential to good health than traditional exercise”  
Dr Joan Veernikos

Get up! You’re sitting too much!! Just kidding. 

Ok, not really. We’ve been very serious for a number of years about the health implications of sitting too much and taking steps every day. So much so that we’ve written two books about it and, yes, we wear Apple watches that count our steps every day. 

Why is this so important? Every step you take applies pressure to your feet. Reflexology is quality pressure for the feet. Walking is quantity pressure for the feet. Both are paths to health with benefits documented by research.

So interesting was the topic of pressure to the feet and sitting too much that Barbara spent four years researching it. Actually this lead to a side research project about the challenges of living in space, the role of a living environment without gravity and what reflexology could do to help. 

In all those years Barbara had never encountered a newly discovered idea, “gravity deprivation,” as a reason why sitting too much is a health problem. Gravity therapy as presented by Dr. Joan Vernikos is countering the deprivation by, you guessed it, not sitting too much. 

(You can imagine our interpretation: gravity deprivation = pressure to the feet deprivation.) 

Dr. Vernikos is “a space pioneer researcher and former Head of NASA Life Sciences.” She notes: “My years of research and my background as a physiologist have led me to conclude that many of today’s health problems can be linked to gravity deprivation. Diseases such as Syndrome-X (Metabolic Syndrome), diabetes, balance problems and obesity might be significantly alleviated with a minimum daily dose of gravity. Think of it as gravity therapy.” Dr. Vernikos had thought a lot about the lack of gravity in space living during her 30 year career at NASA. She drew parallels to life on gravity rich Earth, sitting too much and health implications to write her book Sitting Kills.

“From the very moment we are born, gravity is guiding the development of every single cell in our being. Efficient upright posture in standing is our reference point for all other movement. Gravity allows our brains to build maps based on the position of our head in space so we may always control and predict the safety of our own movements and to know where we are in space.

“As gravity is a constant force our nervous systems have developed and are supported by what we may call ‘constant senses’. The constant sensory systems are muscle spindles and the vestibular system.”


Why would this be? As noted by blogger AMN Academy:

“Say Hello to the Vestibular System, one of the three most influential neurological systems in the entire brain.

“A phylogenetically ancient system that can drive our parasympathetic state, it lowers our blood pressure, facilitates digestion, keeps us upright, reflexively fires our extensor muscles, and keeps us balanced.

“This part of our brain evolved from our aquatic ancestors, and from sea to land we have evolved in an environment governed by gravity which has resulted in the activity of constant vestibular signalling.…

“The less we move the less we interact with gravity. The advent of modern technology that saves us from washing clothes in the river, washing the dishes and home cooking, hugely reduce the frequency of posture altering, gravity relevant movements that generations before us practiced as standard. Dr Joan’s work showed that the best thing we can do to offset the modern lifestyle is moving from sitting to standing! The more often you alter your posture to that of standing, the greater the effect.”


Making of the Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology

 We’ve now written and had published 23 books. They’re in 24 languages and 56 plus foreign editions. 

Everything begins somewhere and for us it was 1980 and The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology.

We started with nothing. No money. No experience. All we had was a determination that reflexology would live on with a book. At that time reflexology was a verbal tradition spread by word of mouth, an idea we worried would die if not written down. We started and soon we had more - others who wanted to help. Friends and reflexology clients joined in to create a book. 

Times were different then. A manuscript was hand written on yellow pad then typewritten and edited and corrected then typewritten again and passed on to the operator of a typesetting machine. The typeset material was hand pasted onto paper with as many as 50 piece of typeset on a single page. Book design, illustrations and graphics were created by a single person, first time production department (Barbara). (Kevin was at the office, seeing 40 clients a week.) Books finished we threw them into the trunk of our car and drove 800 miles to a health convention to introduce the book. We sold out.

It’s been a lot of years and we can look back with fondness and appreciation for the help and support. But it was work, all consuming work seven days a week for a year. There have been more books but that first one was an irreplaceable experience - the camaraderie, the sense of accomplishment, the feeling of a mission 

The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology: 3rd Revision https://a.co/d/5Aa7tRG 

Monday, July 24, 2023

 New Ventilator Research Insights from Barbara Kunz

A review of reflexology studies targeting the critically ill demonstrates the value of research to the future of reflexology. Assessment of 10 studies of reflexology applied to patients supported by mechanical ventilation shows possibilities of the medical applications of reflexology as well as directions for the reflexologist’s work with clientele.

Shown to be beneficial for a one-time reflexology application of 20 to 40 minutes is affect on physiological parameters. These indicators of the body’s basic state of health are important to all hospitalized patients as well as any healthy individual. The indicators include heart rate, respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean arterial pressure and oxygen saturation level. Researchers note their relationship to helping the mechanically ventilated patient maintain basic body functions compromised by the anxiety of machine supported breathing and surroundings of the ICU. 

Researchers have found success using reflexology to specifically address anxiety. Lessened anxiety translates into less time on mechanical ventilation and less use of sedation, both areas of concern for complications for patients.

For the reflexologist the studies show the benefits of purposeful, directed technique application to specific reflex areas to achieve specific goals for the client. Further possibilities include future use of reflexology and employment of reflexologists in medical settings. 

Credible reflexology research will further grow the future of reflexology and reflexologists.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Difficult situation

 Dear friends

This is the hardest post I have ever had to write. We may have to abandon the functional MRI study due to a lack of funds. So far according to the UNM Fund we have raised just 2000 US dollars. This is well short of what is needed for phase 2 of this project. 

Phase 1 has been completed. It is called a proof of concept study. It involved applying reflexology as brain scans were being performed. The 2000-3000 scans are sitting there awaiting analysis. 

Unfortunately this is where this data may remain if we don’t come up with the money to pay a qualified researcher to finish what is potentially the validation of reflexology. 

We may be having a technical problem with the donation page at the UNM Fund. Some donators have complained that the overseas donations have not gotten through. If this happened to you would you please let us know immediately. We will set up a GoFundMe fund right away. 

If you have donated please check to see it went through your account. Again let us know either here or through Facebook Messenger (Kevin Kunz).

Otherwise we are at a crossroad. One direction leads to legitimacy and acceptance by science and medicine. The other leads to the status quo with a continued lack of credibility and all that goes with it. 

Let us all build a brighter future for all of us.  We all deserve it and Reflexology deserves it as well. Make a donation today!!! Please share this with everyone you know. 

Thank you

Kevin Kunz 

Neural Pathways of Applied Reflexology https://www.unmfund.org/fund/npar-fund/

Saturday, July 15, 2023

My Words of Wisdom for a 15 Year Old

I worked on a 15 year old yesterday.in my reflexology practice.

I thought at the time what words of wisdom would I impart on this poor child? What would I have wanted to know at that age? 

My answer in my head was the vagus nerve and how to control it. 

I wish I had know at that age about how to control the vagus nerve. And how the vagus nerve impacts our emotion and physical well being. Also it would have been helpful to know how the vagus nerve puts the brakes on inflammation and makes stress manageable.

So I told her I would be happy to teach her about to take control of the vagus nerve. 

So here goes. If you are feeling anxious, depressed or just unmotivated go into the bathroom splash cold water on your face.It will trigger a shift in your vagus nerve,

OR just rub your feet and hands. Get a facial or get a full body massage or reflexology session. Get your ears rubbed or maybe even an Indian head rub. 

Take a deep breath.Try box breathing. Learn to mediate. Or laugh, sing, gargle, and hum. Be grateful or feel compassion. Find a friend or family member to talk to or socialize with. 

All these activities can stimulate your vagus nerve (there are many more, goggle it). 

Stimulating the vagus nerve switches your nervous system from fight or flight to a more restful and healing state. It shuts down the inflammation that causes disease, emotional turmoil and just plain angst.

One of my clients marveled at how our reflexology sessions put her in  “a state of wellness” despite her intense professional career. Didn’t matter what was going on at the moment. It helped her shift gears. 

So sprinkle these activities through out your day, Remember the trick is to not only interrupt stress but do it frequently. Choose your favorite approach.

These young kids have been through a lot from pandemics to school shooting. I think we owe it to them to teach them how work on their vagal tone. Hopefully it will teach them not only how to cope but to thrive in this crazy mixed up world.

Lucky kid! She gets my words of wisdom. I bet she can’t wait!!!