Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Disneyland for the feet and hands

"Variety is not just the spice of life it is the very stuff of life itself." This was the statement by a man who had just left a sensory deprivation tank. It holds true to reflexology as well.

Feet and hands need variety to achieve stability. Shoes have been called the modern cradle-board because of the way they reshape the feet. Hands are subject to repetitive stress injuries because they are way overboard with the same tasks.

A new concept is gaining hold. It is called allostasis. It is the ability to achieve stability through adaptation or change. We need change to achieve stability. Flat, boring surfaces stress the feet. Pounding on a keyboard stresses the hands. They stress and weaken our whole system.

A reflexology session to me is like Disneyland for the feet and hands. It is a variety of sensations that we seldom experience in our day to day lives. The variety of techniques creates stability not only in our feet and hands but within our nervous system as well. The nervous system needs change to remain stable.

What if you were put in charge of creating a Disneyland for the feet and hands- what would you design?

Kevin Kunz
Complete Reflexology for Life

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