Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Judging a reflexology session

Judging a reflexology session
by Kevin Kunz

How long the relaxation effect lasts between reflexology sessions is a good indicator of how effective the session has been. It can also give you a sense of how long it may take to achieve some results.

If the relaxation effect lasts only a short period of time it may mean a number of things. It may mean that your stress level is high and may take some time to lower. Your body is literally in a state of emergency. Or it may mean that you did not respond very well to the session because of a number of factors. Or you may not be comfortable with reflexology as a modality. Sometimes it can be a reaction to a particular practitioner.

If your relaxation response lasts a moderately long period of time this is good news. It may take less time to achieve a conditioning effect or to reach the goal you are seeking. Work with the practitioner with self help to stretch out this effect.

Finally you may have just needed a nudge and the reflexology session has had long lasting effects. You are one of the lucky ones who respond well to reflexology. It will probably take a brief period of time to achieve your goals. With some self-help you can help speed along the results.

I look at it this way. When our stress load is extremely high all our resources are focused on surviving. If we can move the stress gauge down a bit the body responds by starting its own self repair process. Finally if we can lower the stress load sufficiently we can achieve a state of wellness where you feel good almost all of the time.

Awareness of your relaxation response is a key element in achieving success through reflexology sessions. Never feel timid about talking to the reflexologist about your progress. And finally find the reflexology style and reflexologist that best creates the relaxation effect you need for wellness.

Kevin Kunz

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