Monday, November 12, 2007

Reflexology Paths

Reflexology Paths are paths which are designed to stimulate the reflex areas on the bottom of your feet. The paths are walked on in bare feet and consist of embedded rocks and logs to simulate the takifumi experience I mentioned in the last post.

Barbara and I first saw reflexology paths when we attend a convention in Tokyo in 1990. The first path was done at Shiseido Cosmetic factory. They did it for the health of the workers. And they had engineers study the blood flow in the feet. The engineers designed these unique pathways to stimulate each and every part of the foot.

Since then there has been an explosion of paths in Asia. Parks departments have installed them for their citizens. And condo offerings often contain a reflexology path as well as a swimming pool, clubhouse or whatever. Often government officials will attend the openings of these pathways.

They have spread from Asia to Europe with German bare footed parks that are more like nature trails and can be a couple of kilometers long.

Now they are invading the US with several being constructed. Washington State Parks Department has installed two. Aegis Living Corporation did one for their employees and Bastyr University installed one as well. A spa in San Diego built one and there are more planned.

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Next post I will talk about research into Reflexology Paths and how they have been shown to help seniors.

Kevin Kunz

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