Thursday, December 13, 2007

How to Touch Your Toes

Well you really do know how to touch your toes. But can you touch your toes?

This Men's Health web page , Stretch for Strength, has great explanation for why we have trouble touching our toes. The problem isn't just tight muscles but has to do with the fascia which surrounds the muscles and keeps them together as a group. Tight fascia means a tight range of motion.

Very interesting reading. It comes with a short video that demonstrates the suggested exercises as well as a written set of instructions. (I had a little trouble for some reason getting the full set of instructions so I just clicked the print button.)

The last exercise is rolling your foot on a tennis ball for 60 seconds and then moving onto the next foot. Of course a foot roller might do just as well.

Try it -it works.

Now let see. 1...2...3...

Kevin Kunz

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