Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wet Babies

There is a saying that the only people who like change are wet babies. We are all prone to routine. It is hard sometimes to tell the differences between a routine and a rut.

There is a new brain imaging study that shows that reflexology affects areas having to do with homeostasis. Homeostasis is the natural balancing act that takes balance in our body day in and day out. May be that is why people often comment how balanced they feel after a reflexology session.

There is another concept that ties into this. It is called "allostasis". Allostasis is the process of stabilizing homeostasis. Tied to this is allostatic load which is the amount of adapting we have to do to maintain homeostasis.

Our bodies achieve stability through change. If we do not change the load increases and we are forced to adapt. If the load gets too big we stress out. So seeking change is a way of "taking a load off".

Reflexology is but one way to seek change and therefore a re-balancing of our bodies. Whatever way you seek wellness realize that it is the change that causes stability. Ask a wet baby.

How do you seek change?

Kevin Kunz

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Dk Maznah said...

hi Kevin. I have one wet baby and I agree she does love to change. Seriously, I have been having reflexology sessions for the past couple of years now and the feeling is awesome after each session.
Thanks for your comments in my blog. Pls keep in touch. Cheers mate.