Monday, January 14, 2008

Handy stress relief

Here is a fast, easy way to reduce stress. Try "The Squeeze" from Complete Reflexology for Life (p145)

Grab one hand with the other and gently squeeze. The working hand is positioned around the targeted hand. I like to wrapped my working hand around the knuckle level and then move up and down the hand.

When you squeeze you may feel some pain. Back off a bit and reapply. Reposition your working hand and start squeezing again. Always work within your comfort zone and use sense when working with injury or arthritis.

I feel like I am "working the kinks out" when I do this. And I love to go up into the fingers. Do it everyday and even several times a day if you use your hands a lot.

After awhile the pain fades away and your hands will feel a lot more flexible. Because the hand helps set the tension level for the rest of the body it helps you relax overall.

Love it.

Kevin Kunz

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