Thursday, February 7, 2008

Children (Mainstreaming); Aggressive, Anti-Social Behavior

I said I would explore some of the newer research. This is a really interesting research study. Gives hope to parents.

Reflexology was applied to children with emotional and behavioral difficulties. The goal was to “calming down the children and young people so that their behaviour becomes less challenging within the classroom and generally, making the mainstream more accessible. The children and young people’s difficulties can vary from bereavement to neglect, sexual, emotional, mental and physical abuse as well as exposure to drugs and alcohol. Some have witnessed and experienced horrific events within their country of origin and are separated from family members.” Changing aggressive and anti-social behavior is a key to mainstreaming the children, returning them to a traditional classroom.

“The results from evaluation to date show a reduction in aggression, stress and anxiety and an improvement in focus, concentration, self esteem, listening skills and confidence.”

BUD, Therapies for Life, Accessible complementary therapies for vulnerable children and adults to improve quality of life

Good news.

Kevin Kunz

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Reytos Yaytos said...

Great Info. Thanks Kevin for the links!!