Thursday, February 28, 2008

Emergency Golf Ball

Reflexology can be done just about anywhere. Working on the hands is more accessible in most cases. But we know of people who have even slipped off their shoes in board meetings.

A handy habit is to carry a golf ball with you wherever you go. Stick one in your purse or coat pocket particularly if you know you can find some time. “Found time” is waiting for appointments or waiting to board an airplane or any number of activities that don’t require your full attention. but we don’t suggest these techniques for activities like driving a car.

Golf ball techniques are easy, can be somewhat mindless and effective. We like to take golf balls on long trips. And we like them for emergencies like when your allergies flare up or your stomach is upset.

There are a lot of golf ball techniques in any of our DK books. Reflexology: Health at Your Fingertips, Hand Reflexology and Complete Reflexology for Life all have golf ball techniques.

Pick several so you don’t wear out an area. And just roll on.

Kevin Kunz

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