Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Foot People

I talked to a freelance writer today. She describe herself as a "foot person". It is interesting in my line of work just how many "foot people" you run into.

Years ago I used to contribute to a barefooters forum on the Internet. It was good practice for my writing plus I had a very appreciative audience.

These people dedicate themselves to the barefooted lifestyle. They researched all the laws in 50 states and found not a one actually had a law against driving without your shoes. They tested stores with policies against bare feet and fought them even at times in court.

But they also have social events like barefooted hiking. They felt a real kinship in their cause.

But what really cracked me up are pseudo-shoes that gave all the appearance of being real but were sole less. Or bottomless- whatever you prefer. When some of them couldn't overcome social policies that favored the shod over the unshod they used these fake shoes to stay firmly connected to the earth.

Is there a physiological drive among these people to unshod their feet? Could be.

My cousin as a young child took the unique approach of throwing her shoes overboard while traveling on a ferry going down the Charles River in Boston. The most telling part of this act of defiance is that these were very expensive shoes with custom orthotics built in because of her foot problems.

I guess she wanted a more natural approach. Barefooted.

Kevin Kunz

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