Thursday, April 24, 2008

What if you could do your own reflexology program?

What if you could do a show on reflexology? What would you do? This is in response to the rather unflattering BBC Presentation.

This is Helen's suggestion.

Thanks Helen. This would make a great segment. I was really touched. I am
forwarding this to the BBC.

Kevin Kunz
Kevin - I'd love them to follow me round the residential homes where
I treat clients with dementia and adults with severe learning
disabilities (including non-verbal communicators and those
with "challenging behaviour")and see the positive difference
Reflexology makes to their lives. How when I enter the room client A
stops what he is doing and physically struggles to overcome his
mobility difficulties to enthusiastically walk with me - he wants to
be the first to have his feet done. Holding my old fashioned tape
player his face lights up with pleasure as I work on his feet and he
listens to the music before falling in to a deep sleep.I'd like them
to film client B who proudly prepares his feet for his treatment in
eager anticipation - no easy matter as he removes leg braces and
special boots (help refused) or client C who is like a child in a
man's body, his deafness means he has a special "interest" in the
rhythm of my movements across his feet - yesterday I heard him laugh
for the first time. And then I'd like them to film the pleasure on my
face as I experience once again that amazing feeling that I have the
best "job" in the WORLD!! I'm off now to soothe my son's feet - he is
running in the Madrid marathon (time to be a proud mum). Happy
posting - catch up with everybodys news soon. This is such a great
forum - thanks Kevin.

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