Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cheeky Monkey

I was thinking about compression of the body over a lifetime while hanging upside down on my inversion table. You see I am part monkey. (Or as my British friends would say "cheeky monkey" whatever that means.) I love to hang upside down.

Gravity causes a lot of stress on a daily basis and I like to reverse that compression by hanging out. From our feet to the top of our head the daily gravity grind tightens up our joints and muscles. Hanging upside down seems to lessen the strain on the muscles and joints.

Interestingly when Eunice Ingham was threaten with arrest for using the term "reflexology" she changed to "compression massage". In a sense reflexology does use a form of compression to feet and hands to address the compression we feel from our daily grind.

Kevin Kunz

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