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Re: Going Back Through

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> Hi Kevin,

> Interesting logical explanation. Healing crisis or "going back through".

> I have but one question - Why have you reacted the past once again in the
> present?

> Moss

Hi Moss

Very good question. It may be that simply my body has the resources to resolve this problem at the present time.

Hans Selye the famous stress researcher said there are only three ways to deal with internal stress. You can eject it (vomiting as an example), chemically destroy it through the immune system or encapsulate it. The last possibility has to do with walling off the problem until later.

If we don't have the resources (enough energy to deal with the stressor) the next choice is to encapsulate the problem. Walling off a stressor puts off the resolving of the problem but allows us to continue. We adapt to survive. But we also build up layers of adaptations that build up our stress load. Too much stress load and we continue to bury the problem. We encapsulate our problems until there is no more room for adaptations.

I think the point is that we are all layered with these adaptations. They can come from accident, injury, illness or emotional trauma.

I think the weirdest "going back through" event was the healing of an old head injury. As 12 year old boys do we were throwing stones at a telephone pole. My friend, Louie, threw a large stone that was shaped like a brick at the telephone pole. It ricochet off the pole and struck me in the head throwing me to the ground. The stone had caught me in on the back corner of my skull.

For years that part of my skull was like two sections of sidewalk that don't quite meet being quite jagged. Then one day after years of working on myself with reflexology that part of my skull started to weep. I was worried that something dire had happened. Then a few days later it somehow the jagged pieces popped back into place.

To this day that part of my skull is smooth and even. But how? My conclusion is that there is an innate intelligence that we possess that knows when it has enough resources to make repairs.

Science talks about "movement intelligence". It is our bodies ability to make movement calculations taking into account enormus amounts of information and then delivering a successful movement.

Could there be such a thing as "healing intelligence" that knows when to effect repairs? We must heal to survive. But when is the question. Does our body know it must put off repairs until it has enough energy to take on the project? Sometime years later?

Kevin Kunz

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