Friday, June 20, 2008

Tiger Woods Should Try Reflexology

Tiger Woods should try reflexology to speed his recovery. It won't fix his knee problem. Surgery sounds like his next step. Nor will it help him overcome his stress fractures. He has basically a broken leg. No way around that. 

Reflexology, however, can very effectively lower the stress levels in the body. Stress slows down the healing process. When we are under stress the body goes into the "fight or flight" response. If the stress response continues for a long period of time the body's resources become compromised. The body can no longer adapt. Wear and tear sets in.

Reflexology acts to break up the continuity of stress which depletes the body's resources. By interrupting the body's stress patterns the stress mechanism resets itself at a lower level. The body moves from a state of survival to a state of renewal where things begin to repair themselves. 

Tiger Woods has an extraordinary capacity for dealing with stress. The US Open demonstrated that.  He seems to thrive on high levels of stress.

But there is a limit. Without lowering the his stress level it could be a long time before we see Tiger Woods out on the greens again. He should really try reflexology.

Kevin Kunz


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