Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who Started Hand Reflexology?

Question: Hi Kevin & Barbara,

Just as everyone credits Eunice Ingham (along with Drs. Fitzgerald and Riley) in pioneering Foot Reflexology, who is credited with Hand Reflexology? Who mapped out the reflexes on the hand?

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Answer: Hi Kathy

Good hearing from you.

I think Mildred Carter started hand reflexology on a larger scale. Her charts were more energy based like acupuncture. I don't know of anyone before her doing hand reflexology.

We took two years to map out a reiterative chart or mirroring the body on the hands. It wasn't easy. The hand is different than the foot in topography. But the chart was pretty well adopted by everyone.

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Kevin Kunz

If you want a free chart of hand reflexology go to

or if you want an Interactive Chart try

or for a fun little hand reflexology widget for your desktop or blog

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