Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pzizz tool lowers stress

Jason from Pzizz sent me this program to try out. Okay so it isn't reflexology but I am going to go off topic for this one.

The program is called Pzizz. Here is the ad copy they sent:

"If you feel tired during the day, Pzizz is definitely for you! In as little as 10 minutes, Pzizz can clear your brain, improve focus, lower stress and lets you get on with your day by helping you take a short performance break. How does it work? The Pzizz software is downloaded to your PC/Mac/mobile device in two forms an Energizer Module (which helps users take power naps during the day) and a Sleep Module (which helps user get a good night’s sleep). The voice, music, and sound effects in the Pzizz software induce the most beneficial brain-wave patterns at any given stage of sleep."

I listen to relaxation tapes nearly everyday. I thought I would put this one through it's paces. I tried it during the day in all kinds of conditions even with the TV blasting. It worked.

I tried it first thing in the morning when I had had a hard time sleeping because of a late night phone call. I tried it after a stressful family event. Each time it worked.

The one problem I have with relaxation tapes is that they take thirty to forty minutes. And even then I should not handle heavy equipment or machinery right after I get up. I am still out of it for quite awhile.

Pzizz leaves me energized immediately. . I am feeling like Pzizzing right now. I know I can recharge on the spot. And if you want a shorter or longer version you can adjust it. But take the time to do the twenty minute version for awhile.

The night time version also works well as I have a deeper sleep. Still exploring it. But pleased so far.

I am not getting a dime out of this. Try it.

Kevin Kunz

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