Friday, August 15, 2008

In Japan, dressing up from toe to toe

In Japan, dressing up from toe to toe - International Herald Tribune: "reflexology"
Toe socks

We were given toe socks as a present when we visited Japan in 1990. They are a bit hard to get on but a lot of fun.

This was years ago and toe socks were not distributed in the West that much. Toe socks get a lot of attention.

I liked taking off my shoes at demonstrations and wiggling my toes. It looks very strange. The toes look like little stubby fingers.

The ancient Egyptians saw the toes as being associated with different gods. As this article points out the Japanese believe socks are an important part of dress.

They do have their own individual personalities. Perhaps the toes for a lot of reasons need their own space.

Kevin Kunz

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