Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The premature baby who was kept alive by tickling her feet

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The premature baby who was kept alive by tickling her feet
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"Being so premature meant that Emma's heart had not fused together properly, so at six weeks old she had to have surgery to correct it.'

"The operation was a success, but afterwards Emma was faced with another life-threatening problem. She would suddenly stop breathing dozens of times each day.'

"Mrs Young said: 'The first time it happened Emma's face went white and I thought we had lost her. But then the nurses leapt into action and tickled the soles of her feet.'

"Suddenly her little chest started to go up and down again.'

"The nurses told us that because she had been so premature, her body kept forgetting how to breathe.'
By LUCY LAING, Daily Mail
Last updated at 7:46 AM on 04th August 2008

My comment:
Dr. Oz in his book, 'Healing from the Heart" talks about saving a young patient's life by pumping his foot. We have revived several people using the "pituitary" area of the foot. Isn't it time to look at the main ingredient of reflexology, pressure to the bottom of the feet, as the most important element in the workings of reflexology?

If a premature baby can be reflexively brought back to life by tickling her foot, what is the systematic application of pressure techniques doing?

Kevin Kunz

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