Friday, August 22, 2008

Reflexology at the Olympics

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It is interesting reading all the blogging coming out of China. There are a lot of reports of people talking about their reflexology experiences. The athletes and journalists have been reportedly treated to reflexology through the Olympic village. But the spectators have share the experience as well since reflexology has become so popular in China.

As the Olympics draw to a close there is all ready a move on by UK reflexologists to provide athletes and media reflexology at the 2012 Games in London. Have the chinese started a trend which may continue into the foreseeable future?

Might the future of athletics be shaped by the introduction of reflexology into the Olympics. When Dara Torres misses a gold medal by 1/100th of a second could reflexology have helped? Could gymnasts vying for the gold have a better chance with reflexology because reflexology contributes to their balance and body awareness? Or could sprinters have that little extra burst of energy at the finish line to make that winning dash?

I have always felt reflexology had more than a health role to play. Health is critical. But we also enjoy our recreation.

Sports are increasingly competitive. What could reflexology do to contribute to helping those athletes chase their dreams?

Something to think about.

Kevin Kunz

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