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Reuse Pringles Can As Foot Massager

Reuse Pringles Can As Foot Massager

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I've found another use for a Pringles can. I recently injured my back and have nerve damage in my foot and leg. My foot burns constantly and the muscles in my lower leg are pretty well shot. I've found relief by rolling a Pringles can forward and back, from heel to toe. I can do this under my desk while I work. It feels like an incredible massage on the bottom of your foot. I believe it's helping to build my muscles back up in my foot and lower leg, as well. This is what you call "good and cheap".

By Artlady from Edmond, OK

As you can spend a lot of money on foot rollers. but you can also use found objects for a pretty good foot roller. The Pringles can from is a good idea. Here are some others.

Our first typist on The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology used an old coffee can. This worked fine until it shot out from under her desk at the office she worked at. It hit her boss's foot who happened to be walking by. He was quite puzzled.

A couple of old golf balls dropped in a sock is nifty. Tie a knot so the golf balls don't escape.

A tortilla rolling pin which looks like a fat dowel stick works. It was a traditional practice for Mexican women to drop it on the floor after a long day and simply roll their feet. (see picture above) Hopefully they washed it before the next use. :-)

Dog toys are cheap and frequently have interesting features which make them good for rolling your feet. A example is a throwing stick which has ribbing on it. Of course if your dog is around this may proof troublesome.

What can you think of that is one effective and two cheap to free?

Kevin Kunz

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