Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doctor in Your Kitchen: PARKINSON's DISEASE

Doctor in Your Kitchen: PARKINSON's DISEASE

The "Doctor in the Kitchen" blog has quite extensive information on Parkinson's Disease. There is a lot of good information on this site. Worth reading.

My very first client had Parkinson's. There was a distinctive "button" located on the stem of her toe. This would be the area from the brainstem reflex area to the midbrain reflex area.

The basal ganglia is implicated in Parkinson's. It is hard to say if this "button" covers that area but every Parkinson's patient I have worked on had the same stress cue- the button.

It was a round calcified area on the lateral or outside of the big toe. And here is the curious part. It always seem to be on the left big toe.

Reflexology does seem to help Parkinson's patient with the symptoms. In fact a scientific research group in the UK recommends it for symptom control.

My clients felt it helped. And anything that can help with Parkinson's is a blessing.

Kevin Kunz


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