Thursday, September 4, 2008

Walking Backwards

Walking Backwards on a Treadmill: Advantages, Benefits and More!

"Research has shown that walking backwards on a treadmill, also known as retro walking, puts greater strain on your cardiovascular system than walking forward at the same speed."

We are used to walking one way forward. Our muscles and nerves are used to following the same pattern. Walking backwards shakes things up. It even makes the brain operate a little differently.

This web site has a whole set of instructions on walking backward on a treadmill. Takes a lot of practice. There is a link to research which states that this exercise "may be helpful to the prevention of falls, especially for the elderly population."

While the web site has you walk backwards on a treadmill the research says you can do this "overground initially with the use of rails or the wall for support and eventually without external support as on learns to fully control the body and the directional changes."

And here is the really good news. You burn more calories. This could offset some of the comments from your neighbors.

Kevin Kunz

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