Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cobblestone walking parties

Barbara and I have found that it is both productive, creative and fun to walk on cobblestone mats while planning the day. That gave Barbara the idea of having cobblestone walking parties.

Why not? It improves your health while socializing.Research has shown socializing is very important for your health. Cobblestone mat walking parties. Neat idea. Both the health benefits of cobblestone walking and socializing can be done at the same time.

But then a curious thing happened. I was looking up cobblestone mats on Amazon to give people a source for mats and I ran into ORI as a source of mats. Sort of. Allegro Medical is selling the mats for Oregon Research Institute, But Oregon Research Institute did the first scientific study of cobblestone mat walking. It was a NIH study that was blinded.

"Cobblestone Mat allows 16 Weeks to Improved Health - Allegro Medical will supply the 16 week training program designed by ORI with the purchase of any Cobblestone Walkway. How does Cobblestone Mat Walking work? Cobblestone mat walking is rooted in traditional Chinese holistic medicine and the principles of reflexology . Stimulating or regulating the reflexes or acupoints in the feet, which are associated with all parts/systems of the body, impacts the corresponding part of the body reducing tension, improving circulation and promoting natural function of the related areas."

The best part is that the mats are only $39.00. That is the best price we have seen for a long while. On Amazon and elsewhere you will see them as high as $80. They even provide the official instructions used in the study.

Now our next big question is- does cobblestone mat walking have any impact of weight control. Not sure but some curious reactions from walking on them. More later.

Kevin Kunz
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