Friday, April 3, 2009

During Exercise, Human Brain Shifts Into High Gear On 'Alternative Energy'

During Exercise, Human Brain Shifts Into High Gear On 'Alternative Energy'

"According to a study by researchers from Denmark and The Netherlands, the brain, just like muscles, works harder during strenuous exercise and is fueled by lactate, rather than glucose."

"Not only does this finding help explain why the brain is able to work properly when the body's demands for fuel and oxygen are highest, but it goes a step further to show that the brain actually shifts into a higher gear in terms of activity. This opens doors to entirely new areas of brain research related to understanding lactate's specific neurological effects"

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (2008, October 1). During Exercise, Human Brain Shifts Into High Gear On 'Alternative Energy'. ScienceDaily. Retrieved April 3, 2009, from /releases/2008/09/080930135305.htm

Since I started reflexology it is quite common for people to get cramps when getting worked on with reflexology.Cramps occur commonly in the feet and lower legs since lactic acid commonly accumulates because of gravity. Lactic acid is a fuel that burns without oxygen.

It is for those short bursts of activity after you have used up your blood glucose. The easiest way to understand this is when you lift a weight for a long period of time. Your muscle gets sore because you have worked your way through your glucose and are now using lactic acid.

I think it is really interesting that lactic acid helps the brain shift into high gear. It makes sense. when you have used up your blood glucose you don't simply stop thinking.

I have always either applied pressure to a cramping foot to stop the pain or I have the person put pressure to break up the cramp. They can simply press their feet on the recliner leg rest or directly on the floor. But obviously this isn't an option with the brain.

Recently I have done long periods of walking on cobblestone mats. I find myself mentally a bit fatigued. I really think it might be the lactic acid acting on my brain. It might be circulating after being trapped in the lower extremities.

A quick lie down and it passes. Interesting.

Kevin Kunz

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Tim & Pauline said...

Thank you that is quit helpful. I am a reflexologist and recently i have had 2 clients with cramp, usually in the metatarsals. I find i have to go extremely slowly for the rest of the session. It fels like they are unwinding emotionally. good to hear your commets as you are the guru's of reflexology!!!! Thank you