Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I got interested in reflexology

I was writing this for a reflexology group over on Facebook and thought I might share it with you as well.

The question is, "How did you get started in reflexology?". My answer.

I was browsing through a bookstore years ago when I spied a red book on reflexology. I picked it up, thought it was interesting and bought it.

I took it home and started working on myself. I feel asleep right away which I thought was odd. Up until that time I could not fall asleep during the day.

I started working on family and friends. They started reporting all these results which I found hard to believe. I wasn't at all good.

Then I met Barbara, my soon to be wife. She had continuous sinus problems and the medications side effects were troubling to her. For the first time she had relief.

Then a life changing event took place when a friend's daughter was in a head on crash. Her husband died from the event and she was brain injured. The doctors told her parents to institutionalize her.

Our friend asked me to attend a reflexology seminar. The rest is history.

We often get people telling us how our books changed their life. I guess since a book profoundly changed my life I understand.

Kevin Kunz

BTW Our friend's daughter went back to teaching and although still with some partial paralysis worked until retirement.

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