Monday, May 11, 2009

Total Reflexology Kits

Quick note on the Total Reflexology Kit from Barnes and Nobel. This kit sold out 3 weeks before Xmas last year. Total Reflexology Kit seems to be hitting it's mark earlier this year with many stores already selling out even though it was just restocked in stores as of March. It does not appear to be available online but you can use the B&N store locator to see if it is available in a store in your area. Just put in your zip code and see if it is in stock. You might call the store even if it appears out of stock as if there is a single copy it may show as out of stock according to a B&N employee. 

People were disappointed last year in not being able to find Total Reflexology kit in the stores. So even though it seems too hot to shop for Xmas it may be a good idea to nail down a kit or two. It is a a great gift. 

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