Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wobble Board, wobble balance board exercises.

I love my wobble board. I am not very good at it but I am getting better. 

My reaction to using the wobble board is a strange feeling in a way. I feel as though I have better grounding right after I leave the board. I am more aware of my feet. I also "feel" my body more. Why?

The body has sensors all around it which sense where parts of the body are even without looking. These sensors are called proprioceptors.

These proprioceptors can get harmed do to accident or injury. The messages about body position become somewhat scrambled and so re-injuring  becomes a real possibility. A wobble board can retrain the senses of proprioception to retune the communications among body parts.  

Using a wobble board on a regular basis can help retrain the proprioceptors and improve coordination, hence preventing further injury.-

I like the exercises that are on this site. they start out slow and build your sightless sense of body position therefore improving the foot to brain link. Try these exercises. 

Reflexology can really help to reconnect the disconnected. The pressure that a reflexologist applies creates the same type of signal as a wobble board. While a reflexology session is quite relaxing wobble boarding can be a little more intense especially when you first start out. 

Oh yeah and take their advice on using a support like a chair to start out with. The last thing you want to do is injure those proprioceptors. 

These wobble board exercises are a lot of fun as they train your reflexes. 

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