Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oedema and Reflexology

My friend, Moshe  Kruchik was recently in Glasgow at a hospital and gave a short demonstration on reflexology. He worked on odema with great effect. I remember one of my most extreme cases was with odema. The client had MS and her legs were like tree trunks. It is very satisfying to see the results in front of your eyes. Moshe's report:

 I would really like to share with you one of the most FANTASTIC experiences I've
had in a long time and this happened today, at the Maternity and Ginaecology
Unit of the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

E.A.Dick, a charming lady who is a Reflexologist and a Midwive of the unit at
this hospital, participated in the course last weekend. She invited me to
deliver an informal talk to her colleagues. By the end of it, when speaking
about what conditions would benefit from Reflexology during pregnancy, I've said
Oedema. Most of the ladies there showed visible scepticism to my words, saying
that would be impossible...

Hmmmm.....let's challenge them......
"Not only it is possible, with the technique I developed, the Oedema is out in
one hour" (I was playing with fire).
"Can't believe that.....!!"

One of them, the head of staff, said that in half an hour time would receive a
34 weeks pregnant lady.....with severe Oedema (not pathologic), and invited me
to treat her. I happily agreed.

To make the long story short......three Midwives of the staff accompanied me
during the process, they documented every single routine, filled 8 sheets of
information, Reflexology routines and strokes, cooperated with everything. My
dear friend and colleague Lynne Craighead was with me filming everything. We
made pictures before and after.

The Oedema at the beginning was tremendous, thick and painful swollen legs.
One hour after that, there was no Oedema at all!!!!
During the session, the Midwives checked blood pressure twice, which remained
stable, the lady passed urine twice and when she finally got into her shoes, she
was so surprised she couldn't speak....

The Midwives were absolutely astonished.

Mauricio (Moshe) Kruchik-Biderman

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