Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Love Skeptics!!!

Dr. Mauirce Gueret started a firestorm with article in the Independent in Ireland on reflexology. Dr. Gueret is  masquerading as a skeptic. He does not make an attempt at being fair or balanced. He belittles, detracts and does anything he can to blacken the name of reflexology. But he does not check his facts.

And he is afraid to debate. I offered. He sent back a form email that suggested I write the newspaper. He sent the same form email to everyone no matter what they wrote. I imagine this good doctor chuckled as he plotted out his response. 

Everyone on Facebook was really upset and wanted his skin. But I said I love skeptics. I love them because they can bungle the facts, twist the truth and still display a superior attitude. He is after all very right and he knows it. Who better to judge the good doctor than himself. It is a religion on to itself.

Okay you said that you love skeptics. I love skeptics because they are so intuitive. They know what is right without ever having to research it.

Instead of fighting his opinions look at his facts. 

1) "These little footie fetishists are bred to believe that by twiddling their thumbs and fingers on the soles of the feet that they can correct unspecified hormonal imbalances, cure infertility and even affect the course of arthritis." 

This is factually incorrect. What does he means by "unspecified hormonal imbalances".  There are specific studies on the hormonal changes that take place when pressure is applied to the feet. That is a fact.

And I don't think you "cure" infertility as such. It isn't a disease. Now it may be caused by a disease. But cure? 

There are studies on the impact of reflexology on the course of arthritis. That is a fact.

2) His history is amusing but not accurate. He claims Dr. Fitzgerald prodded people's feet. Wrong. That came later and it wasn't Fitzgerald. He was using direct pressure to deaden pain. He used the hands and the mouth mainly. These are facts.

He also claims are that reflexology antiquities existed in "caves of dynastic China." Never heard of this. Did the good doctor simply make this up? 

And the Egyptian roots that he points to are well documented by a medical doctor in Ancient Egyptian Medicine. D. Nunn has a helluva a lot more credentials than Dr. Gueret. I think I know why. 

3) His references to research are two studies that all skeptics call upon to discredit reflexology are commonly used by "skeptics". They are cherry picked out of hundreds of other research studies. And who said all research studies would be positive. I would be skeptical of that. 

So focus on the facts and not the good doctor's opinions that are presented like they are the truth. Truthiness.

There are more flaws in this diatribe but I have to go get my cat at the Vet's. 
Kevin Kunz

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