Thursday, August 6, 2009

Reflexology and Tailbone Injuries

If you look closely at this picture you can see a bubble in the middle of the side of the heel. Years ago by accident I discovered that this was a stress cue connected to tailbone injury. Many times there will be several bubbles running along the rim of the heel. They can have a pimple- like appearance to a large bubble like look.

These stress cues can be easy to find. Sometimes they are evident just looking at the rim of the heel. Other times it takes a little searching so we use a technique we call "press and access".

To perform this technique simply press with the flat of your thumb and look at the side of the heel you are testing. I sometimes tap a little along the rim as this brings the stress cues out.

This is an example of a very serious tailbone injury. It was incapacitating. this is beyond a bubble. The stress cue is more like a white band. And it doesn't require tapping to bring it out.

For further information about stress cues see: The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology or MyReflexologist Says: Feet Don't Lie

Kevin Kunz

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