Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reflexology Paths of Japan

By Barbara and Kevin Kunz

The Reflexology Paths of Japan are unique among reflexology paths of the world. More information The paths commonly found throughout Asia consist of a sidewalk-like walking surface of embedded stone surface extending for the full length of the walk. More Information Elements from nature such as bark, logs, stones, moss, mud and more are found on the barfusspads (bare foot paths) of Germany.More Information Such paths target all reflex areas of the foot with occasional specific pressure applied to a reflex area as the foot meets a well placed object.

The Reflexology Paths of Japan are designed to work each and every specific reflex area of the foot with carefully designed and crafted walking surfaces. The paths are found all over‹in urban areas and park settings: city parks, nature parks, fitness facilities, natural hot springs businesses, business parks, even a car park garage and the roof of a sewerage treatment plant. In some instances the Paths are included in theme parks with hot springs and / or facilities for traditional bathing.

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