Friday, September 18, 2009

Wobble, wobble...WII eee...

I have been working with the WII Fit system for awhile. The one element that has been rather discouraging is the balance test. The initial test has you stand on the "Fitness Board" and try to remain still. My balance always seems to be too far to the left. And the line following my movement looks like it is tracking earthquake tremors. If you look at the callusing  on my feet the really heavy callus is on the left heel. 

I was feeling like it was never going to change. Then I started to do the wobble board. You know the contraption that is a board basically sitting on top of a half dome that tilts violently when you shift your weight. (tip: be near something you can grab like a tall chair.)

The more I try to balance of the wobble board the better I get at maintaining balance. But here is the added bonus. The more I practiced the wobble board the better my balance as measured by the WII Fitness board. It is almost eerie how it is shifting towards dead center. And the tremors are gone. The line tracking my shifts is getting smaller and smaller.

I am still too far back on my heels but even that is improving. The more I wobble the more I center my balance. I have been able to stand quite still at times. The great part is that the WII Fitness Board can give you feedback on how you are improving. 

But you might even be able to forgo the WII Fitness Board and just watch the calluses on your feet. Mine are lessening particularly on the left foot. No longer do I need the industrial strength pumice stone. 

What does this wobbling business have to do with reflexology? Reflexology is about maintaining balance. Posture is one of the most important balances we can maintain to achieve optimum health. I often "read" the callusing  on the feet to get an idea where the posture has shifted. Heavy calluses at the back of the heel for instance are often connected with problems in the low back.  

So wobble your way to wellnesses. Both the wobble board and the WII Fit are fun ways to do it. 

Kevin Kunz

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Sue Todd Reflexology said...

As a reflexology instructor, I reap the benefits of frequent reflexology from my students. The benefits showed up in yoga class. While I trailed behind the rest of the class in many maneuvers, my feet were able to grip the ground like suction cups for the balancing movements. I attribute this to the frequent work on the muscles and tendons and reflexes on my feet. Another plus for reflexology.