Friday, November 20, 2009

Clogged Arteries: “Maybe mummy should have laid off the salt”

Clogged Arteries: “Maybe mummy should have laid off the salt”

Researchers using CT scanners found signs of heart disease, long thought to be a modern malady, in centuries old mummies…” A Wall Street Journal article notes that a cardiac physician was intrigued to see arteriosclerosis listed as the cause of death for a mummy on exhibit in Egypt. With the help of a CT scan and twenty-two mummies, “They (researchers) were able to identify the hearts, arteries or both in 16 of the mummies, nine of whom had deposits of calcification.” —indicating artherosclerosis. Eating meat was common to upper-class Egyptians which may have contributed to the condition. In addition, since the meat was preserved in salt,“the possibility (is) that some of these Egyptians had high blood pressure.” “On the scans, ‘atherosclerosis looks just like it does in our modern day patients…,’ ” reported one researcher, a cardiologist. The study, reported at the scientific meeting of the American Heart Association, speculates that clogged arteries may, thus, be a “human condition” rather than a modern malady as long thought.

Too bad the former pharaohs whose bodies are current mummies didn’t avail themselves of reflexology—at least on a more consistent basis. After all, it’s entirely possible that some of them had access. A pictograph showing reflexology work is found in the tomb of Ankh-mahor, physician to the pharaoh in approximately 2350 B. C. E. (more)

OK, we’re being tongue-in-cheek here but for those of us today with high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, research shows that reflexology can create remarkable improvement in such human conditions. Reflexology work improves cholesterol and triclycerides levels when applied sufficiently—30-40 minutes five or six times a week for 20 sessions. While a less frequent application does not have this effect, research shows that reflexology application in virtually any amount can impact blood pressure levels. From real time measurements to a single session to weekly sessions, ten studies show blood pressure to be lowered significantly. Also effective in lowering blood pressure was the self-help technque of walking on a reflexology mat three times a week for 8 weeks.

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