Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last. week

What a week I had last week. I meant to blog more but it was fast moving. I flew to PA and met with Mr. Esad of Turkey. Mr. Esad is very famous in Turkey with 15 Reflexology centers. He has invited us to Turkey to speak at their conference and to lecture at a university. Also they are asking what research we want to see performed.

We have agreed to cooperate on a wide range of issues. Mr. Esad is a very gracious person and has managed to popularize Reflexology throughout of Turkey.

One of the things we agreed upon is that Reflexology can be explained within the nervous system. What is interesting is that Mr. Esad has worked a lot with mental health.

I have always felt that Reflexology has a lot to offer the mental health fields. This may be a very rapidly developing part of Reflexology especially with trail blazers like Mr. Esad.

Stay tuned.
Kevin Kunz

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