Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NEAT, SPA, and Reflexology

A recent newspaper article talked about those little motions we do throughout the day.

"Nonexercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT, is the energy you burn off doing everything but formal exercise. Researchers say this kind of movement can be just as important as official workouts." It is also called SPA or spontaneous physical activity. The idea is that the more you move the more calories you burn.
So the idea is to for example:

What struck me about this is the things you can do without the less than relaxing activities like fidgeting.

Here is my list:
1. Wiggle your toes. This is a great way to relax at night to help you sleep. But it is also a great way to relax the feet.
2. Roll your feet on a foot roller. Easy to do and a NEAT exercise.
3. Roll a golf ball on your hands or your feet. Takes calories but contributes to your good health.
4. Wear a thermal or sweatshirt for its rough texture and rub your fingertips over the fabric rapidly. Several benefits of this are fingertip sensitivity, stimulates the head reflex area and burns calories as you rapidly run your hands over the fabric.
5. Stand up and walk on a reflexology mat or a jute welcome mat. This breaks up the pattern of stress that forms on your feet during the day. While you walk you get the many benefits related to walking.
6. Walk on a split piece of bamboo or a piece of pvc pipe that is split so there is a round part to walk on. This lifts and opens up your arch often locked up from shoe wear and walking on flat surfaces.

What NEAT and SPA reflexology exercises can you think of?

Kevin Kunz



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