Monday, March 29, 2010

Passionate about reflexology

Passionate about reflexology? Share your passion and use it to your advantage to sell your services. For example, have you yourself seen results with reflexology yourself? Have you used it to help family, friends, neighbors or co-workers? Guess what. You have a platform to make your case for the value of your services.

As a matter of fact, this is a prime selling feature. The passionate point of view tells a story for the consumer trying to make a decision about from whom to buy reflexology services. Think of this from the perspective of the potential or current client seeking to get results. How’s a client to choose a competent reflexologist? Consider credentials (supposedly) conferring competence in reflexology and hope to get results?

For example, in Santa Fe complementary services and service providers are abundant. Consumers are savvy buyers who are educated in such ideas, however, trying to decide from whom to buy services is not an easy task. In talking to a Santa Fe client, I noted that it’s important to find a service provider who is accomplished at getting results. My point was: why should you be a guinea pig when you’re paying for professionally delivered services? She was intrigued to consider how to make such a determination. 

My response was to consider the practitioner’s involvement in reflexology. Is it just another thing to add to a business card or a passion? I advised her to ask, Have you received help through reflexology? I was asked this question at a speaking engagement and thought it a curious question but I replied with my personal success-with-reflexology stories. Later, it occurred to me that the questioner had a very valid method of assessment.

So, how do you tastefully and professionally show your passion and convey your experience at result-getting? More Info. Gather your stories. Write them down. You may be surprised at your list. Frankly, not all may be applicable but it help to keep track of your “inventory” of results. (Yes, “case histories” have a place but also valid are the stories highlighting the personal side of things has a place in showing the client how reflexology fits into their life and health goals.) It’s also a part of the answer to the common client question, Can you help me with _____? There may or may not be research but you can also day, Yes, I have worked with that. What I found was ------------. Or, just say, No, I haven’t.

You can convey your reflexology passion by having stories ready to tell about what’s new, what’s interesting in reflexology. Fun or interesting information can convey your passion. Reflexology, foot or shoe information can be endlessly fascinating (or at least we think so). Did you read something? Discuss something with a fellow reflexologist? See something on a blog, Twitter? See something on TV? Always adjust to your client’s level of interest. Not everyone’s interested in hearing about the reflexology paths of Japan or the Vibram shoe.

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Adam C.O. Thomas said...

This comes at a perfect time for me; I sometimes find it a challenge making a beautiful marriage between my passion (Reflexology) and with my business. This gives me inspiration in a really simple yet practical way.
Yours warmly,
Adam Thomas.