Friday, March 19, 2010

Reflexology and Prevention of Obesity

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Reflexology and prevention of obesity—it would certainly be a boon to weight conscious everywhere. A small study from Korea opens the door to such ideas. Ten normal weight students and clients of the Korea Foot Manager Association (Koyang Branch) were randomly assigned to one of three groups: do nothing but lie in bed, receive lavender oil applied up to the knees and a foot reflexology group. “And the experiments were repeated 10 times, 50 minute sessiona dn 2-3 times a week” Measurements were taken of: weight, body mass, fat free mass,  BMI and edema index. Results: Those who laid in bed saw no change and those who received a lavender treatment showed a change that was not statistically significant. Members of the group who received reflexology session saw a statistically significant reduction in weight, body mass, fat free mass,  BMI and edema index (P<0.05). The results were seen to be significant for the prevention of obesity in regular weight women and “that especially it was effective in dissolution of edema obseity and weight loss.”

We can all hope. 

Kevin Kunz

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