Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Should Each Toe have It's Own Home

Okay the first time we saw toe socks was in 1990 when we were attending the Rwo Shr conference in Tokyo.  It was 1990 and they were a gift.

They looked so bizarre when you put them on. The toe socks are like mittens for your feet.

Should toes have there own little "houses" to be really comfortable? I think toe socks are really neat to wear and used to wear them to demonstrations. Toe socks are a real show stopper.

Now shoes are taking up the cause of the toes individuality. The Vibram shoe has become a runaway hit (excuse my pun). These shoes take the bizarre look of individual toes.

But people love them! Who would have guessed. the only drawback is that the owners won't stop talking about them.

Kevin Kunz

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