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Shoes with a Purpose

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Shoes with a Purpose
Shoes with a purpose are now available to American shoppers. Shoe companies Reebok and Sketchers both offer shoes that shape the legs with each step. Vibram provides a foot skin—shoes that cover the foot for protection but provide for what is essentially barefoot walking. Shoppers in China, however, have shoes that have even more purpose, at least it would seem from a read through applicants to The People's Republic of China State Intellectual Property Office.

It can be truly said,  you ain’t seen nothing yet—until you see plans for shoes, insoles and socks as submitted to the patent office. You want shoes that treat for a specific disorder? Electric massage shoes? Shoes that serve as an entertainment unit with music and massage functions? Somewhere in China someone is planning to build them.

Bounce shoe care
“Presence of a health-care items, especially items belonging to bounce eye care health shoes, the soles of the foot in contact with the surface of several processes, which are in accordance with the eyes of the foot reflex points to arrange, and soles, and processes material with high elasticity. users wear the shoes for spring training, can stimulate specific reflex points and massage foot to treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism and other refractive errors of eye disease, and can train a person bone, muscle, blood circulation and lymphatic system, play a healing health care, enhance the physical effects. It is easy to use, inexpensive, efficacious, easy to popularize and promote.”

Climacteric (menopause) syndrome and prostate massage health shoes
“To improve the function of climacteric and prostate massage insoles to have under physiological and arch height and angle massage block. Massage insole mounted on the sole. Sole massage device still set to stretch and leverage massage device. To the upper parts and assembled Serve massage shoes. The massage shoes to wear when walking, heel pressure massage device elastic cylinder subsidence, produced the top drive lever squeeze pressure on the reflex zone massage both sides of the heel. Meanwhile, the bottom of the massage block heel plantar reflex stretch massage. Set above the sole reflection area and the massage block, produced by the human body naturally when walking on the foot reflex zones and pressure points massage. By massage to stimulate the improvement of women's menopausal symptoms and male prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia conditions play the role of health care. The advantage is, compact, easy wear, the effect significantly.”

Electric massage shoes
“The utility model is electric massage shoes, the shoes by a rechargeable battery, vibration massage, switch, charger, charger connector, whose principle is to use high-capacity rechargeable battery to drive vibration massager, vibrating massage to the battery can be charge recycling, and is equipped with intelligent automatic trickle charger to charge the battery at any time. The model is simple, low cost, easy to use and effective.”

Flash, music and multi-function massage shoes
“Flash, music and massage function shoe care products related to life for a flash, music and multi-function massage shoes. Aimed at a kind of simple, low cost, both from the massage function, but also entertainment to people's flash, music and multi-function massage shoes. Multifunctional shoes including shoes SL, Battery E, micro-motor A, B, C multi-chip IC, LED D1-D7, speaker SP and the switch K1 and K2. Financial entertainment and health in one; shoes simple and low cost.”

Cool type of health shoes
“A kind of cool shoes type of health, which includes the upper, sole, characterized by: the sole upper set air bags, air bag is divided into a number of air space, with the upper chamber of each air vent; airbag massage to set the upper surface of column. Advantage of this utility model is: cool perspiration, comfort, and with massage function, improve body microcirculation, prevent disease and keep fit. Net health, easy to use.”

Constituencies (point) automatically massage health socks
“The utility model is a can of foot reflex zones and acupuncture points specific automatic massage series of health-care socks. Health foot sock socks in the face, back and foot reflex zones corresponding to the human body (point) position, with a number of circular, rectangular, other rules or irregular shapes protruding. Wearing, you can help the body's weight, walking and movement and flexibility of socks on specific reflex points (points) to stimulate the formation of auto-massage effect, to achieve the health, beauty, the purpose of prevention and treatment of certain diseases.”

Health foot reflex zone massage magnetic insole
“This invention relates to a shoe with a health-care facilities, from the base pad, massage magnetic block, on the mat, including one block of a fixed magnetic massage pad in the base, and then sealed cover on the cushion, massage insoles in magnetic block Location is dirty based on the human body has its corresponding organ in the foot reflex theory and layout. The invention is characterized by walking, exercise to massage, magnetic therapy the purpose of disease prevention, and nephritis, hepatitis, neurological diseases, block blood circulation, arthritis and other diseases have a good effect.”

Bamboo therapy sandals
A kind of bamboo sandals physical therapy, which includes shoes, shoe lining and upper, shoe lining is characterized by a set of shoes made of bamboo lining closely arranged and bonded on the sole of each shoe lining both have horizontal and vertical vent tank to breathe, shoes lining the front, middle and back of the iron were embedded in a sticky. The utility model in good ventilated. To make the wearer feel cool and comfortable, can effectively prevent athlete's foot, ringworm, foot odor, foot reflexology to massage with physical therapy health function.
Insole that “relates to a modular multi-functional health shoes…(provides) odor, ventilation, massage, magnetic therapy health care, damping and higher functions… each function can also choose to mix, apply to the production of high-end shoes, casual shoes and leather shoes.”

A kind of barefoot fitness method (treadmill surface)
“This invention is a sports and fitness method, the method is to barefoot walking or jogging in fitness treadmill belt foot drive, the drive belt with a uniform magnetization and is heated by the iron sand, there are points on the human foot massage plate, heat stimulation, magnetic therapy function, while walking or jogging can promote blood circulation, enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, to exercise, massage and effective unity of purpose.”

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