Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Reasons the World Needs Reflexology

1, The world needs touch. Research has shown how touch can help in a wide variety of situations.

2. Reflexology has been shown to be cost effective. For example there are studies that show reflexology can help businesses save money with lower absenteeism and better worker morale.

3. It has become a last resort for those without healthcare. Healthcare has become beyond the means of many. Reflexology is not a replacement for medicine but has become what is available at times.  

4. Children are often without the nourishment of touch. Kids are at times without healthcare. Reflexology can at least lend some support.

5. Dementia is on the rise. It promises to be at epidemic levels within a very few years. Research has shown reflexology may be helpful in dealing with dementia,

6. Millions or baby boomers are becoming senior citizens. Health costs worldwide are on the rise. Reflexology shows promise for helping to keep those costs down.

7. Seniors citizens are subject to falls. Reflexology can help them reconnect with their feet and help their overall balance.

8. Senior citizens are often alone, untouched and depressed. Reflexology has often been very effective with reconnecting them with a sense of self worth lifting depression and helping with their sense of loneliness.

9. Stress is not being addressed by many healthcare systems yet it is the the root cause of most illness. Chronic degenerative illness in particular are not very effectively dealt with conventional medicine. Reflexology addresses stress directly.

10. Reflexology can often help when medicine can't. For example reflexology can help with certain aspects of cancer care such as nausea, vomiting and depression.

What reasons do you think the world needs reflexology?

Kevin Kunz

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#reflexologyandyoga4balance said...

REFLEXOLOGY is also also a way to get in touch with your body, to feel it.