Friday, December 24, 2010

The best Xmas present of all- ever!!!

Some news about Nadine in an email from her daughter. For those unfamiliar with Nadine she had a stroke 6 weeks ago and suffer complete left side paralysis. We started working on her 4 weeks ago. Check this blog for further details. Kevin Kunz


Thanks for forwarding.  I agree with her.  There is now hope for mother's life, not just an existance, in her future. 
Mother finally arrived at the acute rehab center about 3:00 yesterday afternoon...
Prior to the move yesterday, she successfully took a few steps using a walker, and actually helped in the transfer process from her wheelchair to the transfer van's chair.  Amazing! --- particularly when one remembers her condition a month ago.  In addition, she is regaining memory of her current home, which has significantly reduced her frustration level.  She's coming back "on-line" and for that our family is exceedingly grateful.
There is no way to adequately thank you, Barbara and the others who have been instrumental in mother's recovery.  Without the enormous investment of time and hard work that you and Barbara are contributing, I don't believe she would be in the acute rehab center now; she would be facing an existance in a long term care facility, daily living her worst nightmare.
Definitely the best Xmas gift of all - ever.  Thank you.
--- Dale

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