Monday, February 21, 2011

What's Up???

One of my Facebook friends said she wondered what I was up to as I have not blogged much.  Nor have I participate on Facebook much. Disappeared.

I guess the most exciting thing is that this has been a very exciting creative period for me. I have been working with Barbara and a client of 20 years on a new set of techniques or actually maybe even a new approach to the feet altogether.

The foot seems to totally relax. Areas open up and stress cues appear.

It involves using both hands in either a double thumb techique which is directional. And there is also a double thumb technique which I call a double thumb rotation. Both are not only good for releasing the feet but also good for detecting stress cues like spurs in the feet.

I am also experimenting with double finger walking. This one is a little tricky but is very pleasing to the client.

And then there is a rotation that revolves around the ankle. I will have to tape this one as it is hard to describe but very effective to the ankle area and actually helps loosen the whole foot. And it is fun to do.

No, I haven't disappeared to Argentina. Rather this has been a very productive period for me. And hopefully it will of use to you as well.

All the best,

Kevin Kunz

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shelby rogers said...

I love this article!!!
My favorite thing about reflexology is the FOOT!!!!
When I was younger I played video games a lot, and from moving around the joy stick I got a motion!!
I have called many things but now I call it Round-About thumbs!!!
It's very very easy and fun to do and my Parents love it!!!!

God Bless,
Shelby Lynn Rogers