Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Is A Reflexologist Worth?

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ROI A form of cost-benefit analysis that measures the costs of a program (i.e., the investment) versus the financial return realized by that program. CDC

What is  the real value of a reflexologist’s services? And what’s an individual’s return on investment (ROI) for reflexology?

Anyone who is calling up to ask about reflexology and it's effcacy is trying to make an ROI decision. Should they invest in reflexology and will they get a return on that investment. 

The stories we are about to recount have return on investments some of which are knowable. Others are not so easy to tally and are really priceless. 

Let’s start with a known situation here. A friend whose immune system had failed due to a rare disorder received a monthly shot to keep his kidneys functioning. The cost? $10,000 per shot, per month. When his kidneys returned to functioning and he no longer needed the shot, he credited Kevin’s reflexology work. Calculating the return on the friend’s investment in reflexology shows a savings of some $500,000 in the four years since the shots stopped. And, that clock is still ticking away, saving money every month.

The priceless example? A client with post-polio syndrome was concerned about a return of symptoms and her continuing ability to walk. It’s impossible to tell what might have happened or the dollar cost of an non-ambulatory lifestyle. We can tell you she credits Kevin’s reflexology work with the cessation of symptoms. She finds her life without crutches or a wheelchair to be priceless. But to be hard nosed about this what would the cost be to lose her mobility and independence? 

Another priceless example is the businessman who credited Kevin’s work with keeping him “on his game.” Reflexology was essential to him, helping him keep up with the demands of the job and the growth of his company. After all, he traveled internationally frequently and had built a billion-dollar company. His take on reflexology? "When I see the doctor’s, I leave not knowing if I will feel better. When I see you (the reflexologist), I know I will feel better afterwards."

His other comment to a business colleage made me proud. He said, "Kevin is the man who keeps me on my feet."  Again to be hard nosed about this what would have cost his company to have him incapacitated?

After a friend experienced a stroke recently, she left rehabilitation to live in an assisted living facility. She credits her life there instead of at a nursing home to our reflexology work. The difference in cost? Some $3,000 per month more would have been required at the nursing home—for the rest of her life.

So what is a good reflexologist really worth? Has a reflexologist been a good investment for you? Have you been able to avoid needless drugs and surgery?

Are you a reflexologist who can tell similar stories of your own reflexology work?

If you are a reflexologist think about the value of your service and feel proud of its accomplishments. 

Kevin Kunz


Shona said...

This is an excellent article, Kevin. It helps us and our clients to see the big picture, the difference we make in the lives of those we help and the savings we make possible in medical costs. Thank you. Shona Davidson, Canada.

Ien in the Kootenays said...

We all love those dramatic stories...Thanks.

Soleworks said...

I agree we are PRICELESS!! I have been volunteering some time with our local hospice, and have seen wonderful things happen...I had an Alzheimer's patient and when I would walk in and say hi to her she smiled and said feet! clear as day...nothing else she said made any sense but that did. I know these people are dying but I also know that I am giving them comfort and easing their pain in their final weeks of life...I am blessed

Amelia said...

Thanks for writing this up, Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Good piece Kevin!