Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cesarean Section and Reflexology

A non-pharmacological intervention, foot reflexology, was studied on “pain and physiological parameters after cesarean section” by nurses at Alzahra Hospital, Rasht City, in Iran. Noted by researchers: “Acute and unrelieved pain can cause physical and mental complications, delayed recovery and prolonged hospitalization. Although using analgesia is usual to relieve pain, its complication, unavailability, necessity of taking low drug, especially analgesia, and also ineffectiveness of using analgesia alone, to relieve pain has focused today's nursing system on complementary treatments and Non pharmacological Interventions.”

62 women were randomly assigned to a reflexology or control group. Members of the reflexology group received two 30-minute sessions with 24-hours interval between sessions. “In case group, severity of pain after first stage of foot reflexology was lower than control group. The severity of pain after second stage was significantly reduced in case group in compare with control group. ...”So according to effectiveness of foot reflexology in pain reduction and some physiologic parameters and by considering its advantages, we can conclude that the results introduce a pain relief method for surgical nurses.”

Barbara and Kevin Kunz

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