Friday, June 10, 2011

Relax and Refresh: Reflexology Help with Stress and Anxiety eBook

Latest eBook
Relax and Refresh: Reflexology Help with Stress and Anxiety
Stress and Anxiety eBook
We have just issued our latest eBook on stress and anxiety. In it we have
  • Fully illustrated technique descriptions
  • How and where to apply technique
  • Fully descriptive basic reflexology technique
  • Insights from 24 studies about reducing stress and anxiety
  • Tips, hints and insights into using reflexology to combat stress

Most people who use reflexology are looking for stress relief. Whether you are using reflexology for yourself and/or your family or for your clientele this book is for you, 

Tip for practitioners: The researchers in China have found that frequency of technique application is critical for success. When dealing with a client with stress related issues print out* one of these eBooks and give it to them so they can do some "homework". You can instruct them how to complement what you do. 

The results are great. 

*We grant you a limited license to print out these eBooks for clientele, family and friends. How ever we would appreciate it if you would not charge for these eBooks or email them out. Thank you. 

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