Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reflexology Jade Walking Blanket

So popular is reflexology mat walking in China that new products are constantly cropping up. We like the name of this cobblestone mat product—the Jade Walking Blanket. It combines reflexology Tap Shek (stone stepping) ideas with thoughts about the value of jade as a health enhancer.

It’s interesting to follow the development of the reflexology mat industry in China. It is a reminder of the value of the reflexology industry as a whole. Aside from mats, it is estimated that 4 million Chinese are employed at and provide reflexology services at small, one person reflexology businesses or at a reflexology “parlor” chain, with 700 locations across the country. Then, there are the medical applications of reflexology, carried out in clinics and hospitals by those with “first class” reflexology licenses issued by the government. (By the way, the government estimates it needs another 1 million reflexologists and is seeking to up-grade education for reflexologists.) Then, there is the industry of building reflexology paths. Rock companies offer and sell suggestions for stones to be used for paths at one’s home. The government is funding paths to be built in outdoor sports facilities across the country as a part of the country’s 10-year Fitness Program.

Reflexology mat use indoors grew with the popularity of reflexology paths in parks. The current use of “walking blanket” to describe a reflexology mat possibly started out with the manufacturer of the first mats, a blanket company. Plastic “pebbles” were embedded into felting, an existing product of the blanket company. This mat is widely used throughout China to experience the benefits of walking the reflexology path when it’s raining outside and paths in parks are not usable. It has been available for sale for years at pharmacies (drug stores) all over the country.

Points of importance to the consumer are reflected in advertising copy for the Jade Walking Blanket: “high-grade agate massage blanket / health trail walk / foot massage pad / pebble.… “This section walks away blankets, at the end of glue imported from Germany with a silicone medical environment, superior adhesion, non-toxic and tasteless, agate never fall, can be washed, … “Particularly highlighted: agate size specifications are recommended by experts, people step up, through its pressure on the plantar foot massage to stimulate acupuncture points, exactly in line with traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture massage pressure points, such as another bigger or smaller, simply not achieve the effect of massage points.”

Benefits of mat walking are: “Agate health walk blanket is based on science and health Foot health theory developed from jade. Foot health study it and study in one health and jade, agate natural stone instead of manpower through the body's own pressure, while walking on the foot pressure point massage therapy to acupuncture. And thus help promote blood circulation, strengthen the heart power. Adjusting the internal organs function, and enhance immunity. Eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, improve sleep quality foot health effects.”

Instructions are given about how to walk on the mat to achieve effects for specific health goals.
“Here are some more efficient use of walking blanket approach:
1, heart relaxed walk method: go easy on walking on the carpet. (Leisure and fitness)
2, focused massage the pain points of law: that is to go walking on the carpet and found that pain point, then focus on massage. (Health, physical therapy)
3, hands Paitui law: that is to go on a walking carpet, the order making the legs with both hands simultaneously forcing up the legs. (For arthritis, osteoporosis and other patients)
4, body tapping law: that is to go walking on carpet, use both hands free to beat the abdomen, chest and other parts, play the effect of relaxing the body. (Through the meridians)
5, four-step health law: that is to go walking on the carpet, the pleasant four-step jump, while meditation soles of the feet, soles of the feet. (For patients with hypertension and mental)”

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